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iAnalysis is Tokyo's leading statistics-based consulting firm
that will help you find value from data.

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Our Services

  • Make Predictive Model

    The experienced iAnalysis Company makes analyses of great quality. Marketing, survey, medical, any data of any field can be analyzed.

  • Statistics-based Consulting

    Our convincing data and consulting services will help you in your decisions.

  • Data Mining

    The iAnalysis data and our consulting services promise further growth for our clients.

Core competance in "iAnalysis"

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    Make Predictive Model

    Instead of trusting your instinct, lets make sure. By designing experiments of a small sample size, we can avoid wasting resources. iAnalysis will design additional experiments and models that will link to results you need. By analyzing your previous data, iAnalysis can help you avoid previous errors, and make sure your data will produce meaningful results.

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    Consulting: Taking the next step.

    So we've looked at your data. We found some problems, and also found some meaningful conclusions. What now? This is where our consulting service comes in. We help you design additional experiments to test theories and guarantee better results.

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    Data mining: Extracting meaningful data

    Data can seem cleanly organized into charts and graphs, but these can be nonsensical without proper statistical analysis. We make sure that your data is analyzed correctly, and we test cause-effect relationships. We make sure that you don't waste your time, basing your business decisions on bad data or bad analysis. We extract only the necessary data.

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    Professional team at you help

    Data analyses and engineering capabilities will be operated in a slightly different way. We use the most professional statisticians and data analyses. From the data’s collect and store, to analyze and interpretation, you can get new knowledge. From system engineer to consultant, a wide range of people support your project.

Latest News

  • Analysis of Japanese Earthquake Data

    10 August, 2011

    Greater attention is much more about earthquakes, Touhoku earthquake has occurred on March 11, 2011. Earthquake data are released at Japan Weather Association's We can get these variables from the site. ...

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  • Art and Analysis: A Perspective on Statistics from a Japanese Startup

    12 June, 2011

    So, you're thinking, "Japan?" A startup in statistics from Japan?" Of course with the lost decade or double decade, we don't blame you for doubting the country of the rising sun. Afterall, the sun seems to have been a "setting sun" for decades. ...

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  • “Even in a short delay we got a quick answer with efficient results, it helped a lot”

    A certain research firm

    “So far there were often skeptical results in the data analyses, but I was really glad to work with this company”

    A certain clinic

    “My point of view about statistics has changed. R became easy to handle, now I can even do my own analyses easily. Thank you for being so polite to teach.”

    A certain development department